Osmotic energy is everywhere!

You just need salt and water. But for the past 75 years, researchers and industry specialists have struggled with finding a membrane technology able to harvest 
osmotic energy and convert it into electricity in a cost-effective manner.

We are changing the game thanks to our radically different INOD® technology.

Our INOD® technology relies on a new generation of nano-scale membranes specifically designed for harnessing osmotic energy. Coupled with proprietary electrode systems, these membranes combine high ionic selectivity with high ionic transport to reach unparalleled performance. Additionally, they are built with environmental-friendly bio-sourced materials.

The only technology of its kind, worldwide!

Zero CO₂ emission
100% natural
Continuous and abundant feedstock
From small to large units 
Compact, silent, no toxicity, bio-sourced
Competitive with other renewable energy
Rapid rollout
Large scale deployment starting 2024

Here is how it works!

And the range of INOD® applications is endless…

Next step? Exploring how our technology can allow to produce clean electricity by using low-temperature waste heat (<100 °C).

Who we are

We are both optimistic and realistic. Our mantra is “high science, low engineering!”

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