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By positioning itself at a very early stage in the creation of an osmotic sector in France, EDF Hydro intends to use all its engineering expertise to deploy the innovative, carbon-free and environmentally friendly technology developed by Sweetch Energy.

Emmanuelle Verger-Chabot

We absolutely need new sources of renewable energy to meet the dual challenge of growing electricity demand and decarbonisation. Osmotic energy, being available on a large scale and still untapped, is a tremendous opportunity for meeting this challenge!

Frédéric Storck
Director of CNR's Energy Transition and Innovation Department

“We started our journey in 2015. They immediately trusted science to tackle climate change and managed to bring a completely new technology to where it is now in a record time. Hats off!”

Lyderic Bocquet

“Sweetch Energy‘s INOD® is one of the most disruptive and most promising technologies we have recently financed in the clean energy sector.”

Olivier Bordelanne
Partner at Demeter

“Our mission is to back the sharpest and most ambitious minds that use advanced technologies to bring solutions to some of the world’s most vital challenges. By increasing power density and bringing costs significantly down, Sweetch Energy’s technology could finally bring osmotic energy into the mainstream.”

Alexandre Terrien
Co-founder at Future Positive Capital
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