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Expanding the frontiers
of renewable energy with osmotic power 

Winner of the 2023 Hello Tomorrow Global Challenge — Annual global deeptech summit, 4000 startups, 115 countries, 1 Grand Prize!

Global climate change due to CO₂ emissions has become the biggest threat facing mankind.

We are building a net zero future by exploiting a massively available, yet untapped, natural source of energy: osmotic power.

Our radically different INOD® technology allows for the first time ever to produce large-scale, permanent, 100% clean electricity from osmotic power.

Simply put:

Water + Salt + INOD®
= Zero-emission, permanent, cost-effective electricity.

We will contribute to meet the growing electricity needs of 10 billion people by producing and distributing competitive 100% clean energy.

CO₂ emissions added to the atmosphere every year.
share of electricity generation in global CO₂ emissions.
growth of global electricity demand by 2050.

Osmotic power is the energy of salt. 

Osmotic energy is generated by harnessing the difference in salinity between fresh river water and sea water when they meet. Yes, it has the advantage of not being subject to weather conditions and can produce green electricity on a permanent basis. It is 100% natural, renewable, and massively available across the planet. Every year, nearly 30,000 TWh of osmotic energy – more than the world's total electricity demand – is released from the world’s deltas and estuaries. While the most optimistic projections now foresee current renewables not exceeding 50% of global electricity production by 2050, adding osmotic energy could increase this share to over 65%.

Thanks to our INOD® technology, osmotic power will become a new pillar of the global electricity mix. 

It is the only solution in the world that can continuously convert salt water into electricity at a competitive price. Our INOD® technology is based on the latest advances in nanotechnology. It is also unique in that it is manufactured entirely from eco-friendly materials and occupies limited floor space.

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