Gone are the days of intermittent renewable energy!

In 2024, OsmoRhône 1, the first osmotic power station in the world continuously generating electricity at a competitive price will be up and running.

A global première in the renewable energy landscape.

Located on the Barcarin lock in Port Saint Louis (France), up to 500 MW of power will be gradually installed and distributed along the Rhône over the next decade.
Just imagine - decarbonised electricity for over 1.5 million people, the equivalent of the populations of Marseille, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Montreal.
Thanks to our collaboration with CNR, this groundbreaking osmotic power station is set to revolutionise the world of renewable energy by generating clean and non-intermittent electricity.

Writing the next chapter in energy industrial architecture.

And because we believe in a future where nature and technology coexist in perfect harmony, we are designing, in collaboration with Chaix & Morel, our next-gen osmotic stations, whether on land or at sea, to safeguard ecosystems and limit their possible impact on the environment.

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