Sweetch Energy is a story of science and industrial progress, but it is also – and above all – a human story.

From nano to global scale: our journey started in 2015 with fundamental science in our laboratory to become today a global scale solution to fight climate change.

We are entrepreneurs with a passion for challenge and a complementary set of skills.

Nicolas Heuzé

Co-founder & CEO
20+ years experience in developing and financing global tech startups.

Pascal Le Melinaire

Co-founder & Chairman of the Board
30+ years experience in global innovation for the energy, water and cleantech sectors.

Bruno Mottet

Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer
30+ years experience in applied R&D.

We rely on science and follow the path opened by the invention of nano osmotic diffusion.

Lydéric Bocquet is a co-founder of Sweetch Energy and one of world’s foremost authorities on nanofluidics. He discovered how nano osmotic diffusion can be a game changer for osmotic energy harvesting. Lydéric is CNRS researcher and professor at ENS (Ecole Normale Supérieure).

A team with the best experts in their field: nanofluidics, process engineering, industry 4.0, and more.

Share of PhDs in the team
Team growth every year
Share of female colleagues
Share of international team members 

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