Pushing further the applications for our INOD® technology

As per our mission, we keep on engaging science for the benefit of the environment.

As part of the Transition 2022 programme, driven by the European Innovation Council (EIC), we have received a €2.5 million grant to carry out a research programme that will expand the range of applications for our disruptive nanofluidic platform to waste heat.

This research programme will allow our INOD® technology to produce clean electricity by channeling low-temperature waste heat (<100°C). As energy is used, in data centers or industrial plants for example, a significant part of it is rejected as heat. When this heat is not recovered or stored, it is called "waste heat". While processes exist to harness waste heat above 100°C, no system currently allows for an efficient production of clean electricity using low-temperature heat (<100°C), which represents an annual global potential of several tens of thousands of TWh.

Until now... As this is what INOD® will enable!

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Sweetch Energy, winner of the European EIC Transition 2022 programme, receives a €2.5 million grant to expand the range of applications for its INOD® technology